The Lead: Burn This Record

RELEASE DATE: December 24, 2019

Twas The Night Before Christmas all cuddled with your spouse.
Not a speaker was blasting throughout the whole house.
No Stryper, or Vengeance, or Rex Carroll & The Bleed!
Well we’re gonna fix that with this special release from,  THE LEAD!

Can you believe it has been 30 years since the release of one of the most classic Christian punk rock albums ever! Florida punk legends The Lead are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their most iconic album ‘Burn This Record’ with a very special Limited Edition release entitled ‘Burn This Record + 30’.

Roxx Records is very excited to have our very last release of the year be a very limited edition 300 piece CD pressing of this classic album from The Lead. The album has been completely remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and has a beautiful new 12 page expanded booklet courtesy of Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.

But we couldn’t stop just there, this limited edition release also boasts an additional 7 previously unreleased demo tracks that were recorded prior to the release of this album that were later completely re-recorded. You are hearing those tracks here for the very first time ever.

Check out the just released remastered lyric video for the classic tune ‘Skate or Die’

Don’t wait on this one, as we release this one officially on the night before Christmas. That’s right a very special release with a very special release date. Get in early on the pre order with a special introductory price of $11.99 through Christmas, because once Christmas is over The Grinch will bring the price back up to its full retail price of $14.99 so act fast!

Unblack Friday Sale!

Black Friday 50% off sale and world premiere N O G Christmas Tune!

It is FINALLY here! Its that time of year again for our annual UNblack Friday Sale!

This time we are having one of our BIGGEST sales ever with EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT (Except Limited Run Vinyl and Pre Orders) 50% off for 24 hours only!!!!! Then we continue on through Cyber Monday with 25% off for the rest of the LONG weekend!

PLUS the first 100 customers will ALL get our very limited annual holiday ‘Best Of 2019’ sampler! This years sampler boasts 2 brand new and exclusive tracks for this Christmas! As well as 14 additional tracks from all of the new music releases of 2019 from Roxx Records and No Life Til Metal Records!

At this time we are excited to be world premiering the brand new Christmas tune from Dale Thompson and Nenel Lucena of No Other God with their brand new Holiday tune ‘A Child Is Born’ which leads off this years promo CD. Enjoy the brand new lyric video now, which is sure to become one of the top Christian rock Christmas tunes of all time!

But wait, there’s more! Track two is another exclusive track from RAINFORCE with a very special rendition of the track ‘In Good Hands’ which will only be available on this CD. Check out that track below

Be sure to participate in this years annual Unblack Friday sale all weekend long to get your FREE CD. See Flyer for details and sale code.

Limited Run Vinyl – Crushing The Deceiver

Roxx Records and Crushing The Deceiver are teaming up on this one. Our next release in the Limited Run Vinyl series will be our most limited yet! In fact if you blink you may miss out on this one!

We are excited to bring you the bands debut album on limited edition 180 gram random color vinyl. This version is being remastered especially for vinyl by Bombworks Sound.

This special release will be limited to only 50 copies available online to our customers! You heard that right we will only have 50 copies of this one! While we are printing 100 half of these copies will be sent to the band to sell at local shows and for friends and family! So don’t be like Ben on this one or you will miss out!

Crushing The Deceiver garnered rave reviews in 2018 when releasing their debut album. This year has the band playing shows all over California opening for many great artists. Also the band has been hard at work on album number 2 which will be out in 2020! So while we wait let’s celebrate and commemorate that debut album with this very limited vinyl release!

Michael: TBRO

Every once in a while we get really lucky and find that GEM of a classic Christian rock or metal album that never got its just rewards. Such is the case with our latest release coming to you by way of a long lost classic album from an artist simply entitled Michael with their only album ever released entitled ‘The Battle Rages On’. This extremely rare and very good Christian hard rock album from Michael was only ever released on cassette tape. A South Amherst, Ohio based band, this was their only officially released album that originally came out in 1995 on a small defunct  indie label called R.A.G.E. Records and in very limited quantities.

Michael featured Shane Freeman (Jake Banshee) on vocals who was the former vocalist of Stutz. Also featuring the keyboard talents of Todd Waites (Who would go on to play in Apologetix) Mike Slone on bass guitar and Dennis Raymond on drums. With solid operatic vocals and shredding guitars this album is reminiscent of bands like Stryper and Holy Soldier.

Roxx Records is very excited to be bringing you this long lost treasure officially on CD for the very first time. This reissue features all 12 tracks from the original cassette as well as 3 never before released live bonus tracks. This package has been completely remastered by Bombworks sound and boasts an updated version of the original artwork with a killer 12 page booklet with lyrics and liner notes courtesy of No Life Til Metal Graphics. Limited to only a one time 300 piece pressing this will become a collectors item.

Check out the first remastered lyric video for the track ‘The Rock’

Get your preorders in early as we get ready to release this one to you on November 8th just in time for the holidays. The first 50 pre orders will also get a limited edition 11” x 17” poster.

Roxx Signs: Larry Worley

Roxx Records is very excited to be venturing in to a little bit of a different territory for us with our newest signing. While this singer is well known in the Christian rock world that we love and support, this one is a little more special! This is our first full praise and worship release, and it comes to us by way of one of our favorite vocalists, who has sung on some of the most classic releases that we all know and love.

Please join us as we welcome Larry Worley to the Roxx Records artist roster. As you know we have already worked on classic reissues of several of his projects like Love Life and Fear Not! As well as just releasing the brand new Fear Not EP entitled ‘For The Wounded Hearts’ which was released to great reviews this past year. Larry also sang on the debut solo album of Robert Sweet of Stryper entitled ‘Love Trash’, but you have not heard Larry like this before.

On November 8th we will release the debut solo album from Larry Worley & Friends entitled ‘Testify’. ‘Testify’ has been a project that Larry has had in mind and wanted to do for years and finally had the opportunity to record and complete this labor of love. Get ready to hear this amazing new release entitled ‘Testify’ as he puts his vocals and musical stylings on 10 great inspirational tunes that we all know and love. Larry takes these tunes to a whole new level and is excited to finally get to bring this album to fruition as it has been something he has envisioned working on for nearly 10 years.

Check out the first single and lyric video for the first single ‘Lead Me To The Cross’ and help us spread the word and request the song on all your favorite Christian radio stations.

Releasing on November 8th you can pre order the CD now and the first 50 orders will receive a free 11 x 17 Limited Edition promotional poster.

Track Listing:

  1. This is Amazing Grace
  2. Oh Come To The Altar
  3. The Way
  4. Let My Words Be Few
  5. Bring The Rain
  6. Lead Me To The Cross
  7. Stand In Your Love
  8. Redeemed
  9. The More I Seek You
  10. Amazing Love

Limited Run Vinyl Alert!

Meet Ben

Ben always waits ’til later. Ben thinks it’s ok to wait ’cause he will get a better deal. The problem is that Ben always misses out and wonders why he didn’t take action. So, the moral of the story is don’t be like Ben. Get that new iPhone next month, vinyl on Amazon will still be there, moving out of your mom’s basement can wait, or heck – cash in your wife’s 401k (we won’t tell!). Do whatever it takes because these Limited Run vinyl that we are getting ready to show you below are going to sell out, and when they are gone, good luck finding a copy.

Wait… keep reading… It’ll all make since.

What Is Limited Run Vinyl?


Roxx, Boones Overstock, NoLifeTilMetal and Girder Music have teamed up to bring you very exclusive limited run vinyl. Limited Run Vinyl is short run vinyl that are limited to just 100 or 200 copies. All Limited Run Vinyl are pressed in a cool random color. They are all 180 Gram, poly-lined black inner sleeves, completely remastered for vinyl and come with RipStream. We are starting with 6 titles and they have to all be purchased at the particular sites.

Girder Music is releasing Magdallan and Angelica
Boone’s is releasing Bride and Antestor
Roxx is releasing Vengeance Rising and Ritual Servant

There is more coming but for now this is enough to sink your teeth into… but act fast.

The buttons on the site will take you there so just click on this button below.

Each pressing is limited to just 100 or 200 copies max never to be re-pressed again. They are 180 Gram and come with a high quality black poly-lined sleeve as well as a free RipStream digital download. These are truly limited and will run out fast. You’ll want to get in on these early. Some of these will sell out within 24-48 hours.

Eco-Mix is a specialty random colored vinyl. They could be ANY color, as well as mixed or swirled. We do not know what color they will turn out to be. The mock you see here is from a previous eco-mix pressing. They are environmentally safe and ridiculously cool.

Simply click on any of the pre-orders buttons here and you’ll be taken right to the order page. You’ll be redirected to Girder, Roxx, NoLifeTilMetal or Boones website.

When music is remastered for vinyl it simply means that we are not trying to make it as loud as possible. Quite the opposite. We are allowing these releases to breathe and have the dynamics that were intended on the original recordings. We enhance the sound with more modern EQ techniques and letting the music speak.

Yes. We will be adding more soon, so keep checking back.

New Vinyl Update

Roxx Records is very excited to announce full details on all of our latest vinyl offerings and officially launch the pre orders! Brand new and VERY limited vinyl pressings from Ultimatum , East West and BioGenesis are now live!

Up first the very first full length release from Ultimatum ‘Symphonic Extremities’ has been remastered and given a very special limited vinyl release. Symphonic Extremities will be released in a limited quantity of only 300 pieces! 250 on a special black vinyl and 50 extremely limited puke green vinyls are being produced for this release.  Pre orders will also come with a copy of the Retroactive Records CD release of ‘Symphonic Extemities’

Not enough Ultimatum for you? Roxx Records is partnering on a one time limited CD release with our friends at Stone Grove Records to bring you a special pressing of 300 copies only of the very rare ‘Live Extremities’ This one will also be very very limited with each label only getting 150 cds each.

Next up we have another very special limited edition pressing from Southern California’s very own East West with a special vinyl pressing of their classic album ‘The Light In Guinivere’s Garden’ . ‘The Light In Guinivere’s Garden will also be released in a limited quantity of only 300 pieces! 250 on a special black vinyl and 50 extremely limited gray / black swirl vinyls are being produced for this release. Pre Orders will also come with a limited edition download disc

Lastly, hailing from Ohio, Roxx Records alum BioGenesis will be given the vinyl treatment with a VERY limited run of their latest EP ‘Black Widow’ on vinyl. ‘Black Widow’ will be the last in our special Roxx Records ‘Underground Series’ ending the series at #12! This special last release of the series will be limited to 150 hand numbered vinyls on a special blood red vinyl and also contain the previously unreleased song ‘Messiah’! Pre orders here will also come with a limited edition download disc that will also contain an additional track by way of the track ‘Symbiosis’

Take a sneak peak of what’s to come in this brand new video from our very own Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Records.

There are many pre order packages available now. Get over to to secure your copies before they are gone! 

Sunroad: Slow Time Kings

Brazilian hard rockers Sunroad are happy to announce a brand new release entitled ‘Slow Time Kings – The Ballads Collection’

The Ballads collection is an exclusive limited edition release for their US fans only and is being released through Roxx Records.

After releasing two critically acclaimed releases in the US through Roxx Records ‘Heatstrokes’ and ‘Wing Seven’ the band wants to give the fans a collection of all their best ballads throughout their career. Many of these tracks have not been released for years and are very tough to find in any format.

Check out the track listing and brand new artwork below

1. Empty Stage – from the album Heatstrokes (2019)
2. Skies Eyes – from the album Wing Seven (2017)
3. Pilot of Your Heart – from the album Wing Seven (2017)
4. Last Sunray in the Road – from the album Wing Seven (2017)
5. Common Place Heat – from the album Carved in Time (2013)
6. We Still Believe – from the album Long Gone (2009)
7. Floating Gardens [instrumental] – from the album Flying N’ Floating (2006)
8. First Day Without You – from the album Flying N’ Floating (2006)
9. Looking For A Trace – from the album Long Gone (2009)
10. The Rising Star [acoustic version] – from the album Arena of Aliens (2003)
11. The Amadeus Journey [instrumental] – from the album Arena of Aliens (2003)
12. Wired In – from the Fred Mika solo album Withdrawal Symptoms (2018)
13. First Day Without You  [acoustic version] – from the Fred Mika solo album Withdrawal Symptoms (2018)
14. Sharppia [instrumental] – from the Fred Mika solo album Withdrawal Symptoms (2018)
15. Sadness Days Epitaph [instrumental] – from the album Long Gone (2009)

Pre order your copy today at a low introductory price only until the release date at

XL & DBD and 20 Lb Sledge

Here at Roxx Records we love bringing back to life those classic, hard to find out of print rock and metal titles. This year we have already brought you quite a few with Love Life, Holy Soldier, Philadelphia and Red Sea to name a few! BUT we also love to help those new indie Christian rock and metal artists bring their music out to the forefront of the Christian music scene and we have done quite a bit of that this year as well. We have already brought you brand new music from Lovewar, Fear Not, BioGenesis, Rainforce, Ritual Servant, True Strength, N.O.G and just released Weapons of God!

But we are not done with the brand new music yet and we are excited to announce TWO more brand new releases coming your way this August from Roxx Records. These two releases have one thing in common! They both feature the vocal talents from a Christian rocker we all know and love. You may know him better as XL of the classic Christian rock band XL & Death Before Dishonor ! That’s right two brand new releases coming your way!

Up first the brand new release from the California based band 20 Lb Sledge. The brainchild of AlfonZo Rachel this is the second release form 20 Lb Sledge after the critically acclaimed debut album Divine Battery brought this amazing band to the forefront of the Christian rock and metal scene. Well for this second release entitled ‘Electric Exodus’ the band brought Todd Stevens (aka XL) in to the fold to handle the lead vocals on this one. What we have here is one hard hitting, heavy and groovy record to unleash.

But that’s not all we are also bringing you a Limited Edition 2 disc CD pressing of the brand new XL&DBD albums entitled ‘Offensive Truth Volumes 1&2’ with 4 brand new previously unreleased tracks being added to this special pressing. This release is also packed with tons of special guests including Oz Fox (Stryper) Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance) Michael Phillips (Deliverance) Jim Chaffin (Deliverance, The Crucified) Rex Carrol (Whitecross) Jesse Sprinkle (Demon Hunter) and Greg Minier (The Crucified) just to name a few.

Check out the two brand new lyric videos from each of these projects starting with the brand new single from 20 Lb Sledge entitled ‘Electric Exodus’ and also the brand new track from XL & Death Before dishonor entitled ‘In Need of Therapy’

20 Lb Sledge:

XL & Death Before Dishonor:

We love bringing you these new indie releases but appreciate and need your support to keep them happening! So keep rocking and keep supporting your underground Christian rock and metal labels like Roxx Records.

Pre orders are live right now and we are offering them at an unbelievable and very special price for this one, this pricing will only be available until the release date of August 30th

Visit for full details and special pre order incentive items.

BioGenesis launch new video for Human Equilibrium

Hot on the heels of the very successful charting single titled ‘Black Widow’ BioGenesis have just launched the second single from their brand new Roxx Records EP titled ‘Black Widow’ check out the new single ‘Human Equilibrium’ and be sure to pick up your copy of ‘Black Widow’ today.

Also stay tuned as ‘Black Widow’ will be coming to you in a very very limited vinyl release of only 150 pieces featuring an exclusive vinyl only bonus track! Details coming soon!

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