Limited Run Vinyl Alert!

Meet Ben

Ben always waits ’til later. Ben thinks it’s ok to wait ’cause he will get a better deal. The problem is that Ben always misses out and wonders why he didn’t take action. So, the moral of the story is don’t be like Ben. Get that new iPhone next month, vinyl on Amazon will still be there, moving out of your mom’s basement can wait, or heck – cash in your wife’s 401k (we won’t tell!). Do whatever it takes because these Limited Run vinyl that we are getting ready to show you below are going to sell out, and when they are gone, good luck finding a copy.

Wait… keep reading… It’ll all make since.

What Is Limited Run Vinyl?


Roxx, Boones Overstock, NoLifeTilMetal and Girder Music have teamed up to bring you very exclusive limited run vinyl. Limited Run Vinyl is short run vinyl that are limited to just 100 or 200 copies. All Limited Run Vinyl are pressed in a cool random color. They are all 180 Gram, poly-lined black inner sleeves, completely remastered for vinyl and come with RipStream. We are starting with 6 titles and they have to all be purchased at the particular sites.

Girder Music is releasing Magdallan and Angelica
Boone’s is releasing Bride and Antestor
Roxx is releasing Vengeance Rising and Ritual Servant

There is more coming but for now this is enough to sink your teeth into… but act fast.

The buttons on the site will take you there so just click on this button below.

Each pressing is limited to just 100 or 200 copies max never to be re-pressed again. They are 180 Gram and come with a high quality black poly-lined sleeve as well as a free RipStream digital download. These are truly limited and will run out fast. You’ll want to get in on these early. Some of these will sell out within 24-48 hours.

Eco-Mix is a specialty random colored vinyl. They could be ANY color, as well as mixed or swirled. We do not know what color they will turn out to be. The mock you see here is from a previous eco-mix pressing. They are environmentally safe and ridiculously cool.

Simply click on any of the pre-orders buttons here and you’ll be taken right to the order page. You’ll be redirected to Girder, Roxx, NoLifeTilMetal or Boones website.

When music is remastered for vinyl it simply means that we are not trying to make it as loud as possible. Quite the opposite. We are allowing these releases to breathe and have the dynamics that were intended on the original recordings. We enhance the sound with more modern EQ techniques and letting the music speak.

Yes. We will be adding more soon, so keep checking back.

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