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The Mark Bleeds Through
The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth
A Decadence Divine
Chaz Bond – Lead Vocals
James Riggs – Rhythm Guitar
Majennica Nealeigh – Drums
Luke Nealeigh – Lead Guitar
Sam Nealeigh – Keyboard
Dan Nealeigh – Bass Guitar 

BioGenesis, a Hybrid Metal band located in Dayton, Ohio, was formed by vocalist Chaz Bond in 1996. After fronting several local Rock and Metal bands, Chaz had grown tired of being in bands that only called for use of one vocal style. This led him to form his own project, where he envisioned that he would be able to combine musical styles and genres that were often considered a contrast to one another. Having a strong belief in God, Chaz chose the name BioGenesis to represent his opinion on, and passion for the “creation vs. evolution” debate.In 1998, Chaz and drummer Joe Jonker entered a local studio and recorded the “Tunnel Vision” demo, with Chaz performing the guitar and bass tracks in addition to the vocals. Shortly after recording the demo, Chaz’s long-time friend James Riggs became the band’s guitarist.With several new songs written, BioGenesis re-entered the studio in 1999 to record another demo, with local bassist Ed Girard temporarily handling bass duties. This demo, which included the first versions of Bio classics “The Mark Bleeds Through” and “Digging Your Grave”, led to the band happily welcoming bassist Randy Walton as the newest official member.

In 2000, The band signed with Rowe Productions, an Australian label owned by Mortification front-man Steve Rowe. Before entering a studio to record their full-length debut album, the band asked long-time drummer Joe Jonker to step down, as the increasing technicality of their songs became too difficult to play smoothly. A short search provided the band with drummer Nevin Cline, who was brought into the band just in time to begin recording.

After completing the sessions for their debut album, the band was surprised to be informed by Rowe Productions that the album’s production was not up to their par, and that the band would need to start from scratch with a producer of the label’s choosing. With only a few days to record the album again, the band quickly re-entered the studio with the label’s producer.

As James was recording his guitar parts, he became dissatisfied with his sound, and decided to tune several steps lower than normal without consulting the rest of the band. This surprised Chaz, as he was now unexpectedly faced with recording the album in an unfamiliar key. Nevertheless, the label was satisfied with this new version of the album and it was released in 2001 as “The Mark Bleeds Through”.

“The music on The Mark Bleeds Through, I would describe as kind of a mid-paced thrash sound, almost a groove metal, post-thrash thing. Very plodding, doomy and heavy. There are some monster riffs going on here, which does get my head nodding along. The thing that sets the band apart, is the vocalist’s ability to go from a deep baritone symphonic style…to a thrash scream and growling when needed. This is definitely not cookie-cutter metal here.” – Album review from Uncle NecRo (

After a US tour with label-mates Mortification, the band began writing for their second album. Unfortunately, things began to unravel for the band as lineup changes and label issues slowed their progress. Both Nevin and Randy stepped down from the band, and as several replacements came and went, Chaz and James elected to begin recording their second release, to be titled “Peace, Love, and Hypocrisy”, by themselves.

Enlisting Deliverance front-man Jimmy P. Brown as their producer, Chaz and James recorded the song “Fallback” in 2002, which was subsequently released on Roxx Records’ Metal Marti Gras compilation. The band requested a release from Rowe Productions, and signed a new contract with Jimmy’s new label. This connection proved too good to be true as Jimmy soon moved to Nevada, and was then unable to complete the recording of the new album. Chaz and James attempted several more lineups, even recording the song “Catalyst For Malice” in 2004 with Chaz’s brother Seth Bond producing. This attempt at completing the second album also proved ill-fated. Unfortunately, in 2005, a falling-out between Chaz and James led to Chaz deciding to end the band, leaving fans worldwide disappointed that there would be no sophomore release.

In 2009, Chaz decided to reform BioGenesis. Although he was busy with his other projects (he had replaced David Taylor as the lead vocalist in Power Metal band Jacob’s Dream in 2003, as well as starting another band, Human Paradox in 2005), Chaz and James mended their friendship and began to seek out a way to finally record another album. They signed with RetroActive Records and began their search for a drummer and bassist.

Eventually, they enlisted both Nevin Cline and Randy Walton to rejoin the band for the reunion album. Adding Paul Witte as a second guitarist, they began recording with Jacob’s Dream drummer Gary Holtzman producing. In 2010, the band decided to request a release from RetroActive Records after several unexpected delays, and quickly signed with the England-based Soundmass Records instead.

After several complications and delays, the band released the long-awaited “The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth” in 2012. Although fraught with production and performance issues, the fans were happy to finally hear the new songs they were promised several years prior.

“Biogenesis makes a seamless transition between The Mark Bleeds Through and The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth by continuing to focus on diversity. It starts with how the group takes a foundation of straightforward heavy metal and mixes it with strong doses of thrash, modern groove, progressive and Gothic metal. Yes, a wide array of styles, many of which make separate appearances within the same song, but it serves to support the Biogenesis strength of walking a fine line between the aggressive (with bone crushing heaviness and occasional extreme moments) and melodic (the material here is quite listenable – almost accessible – despite the angst). This turbulent but creative merging of contrasts play out on the nine original The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth compositions and two bonus tracks…” – Album review by Andrew Rockwell (

Unfortunately, complications in James’ life led to him once again stepping down from the band following the release of the album. After Paul Witte also left the group, Chaz enlisted former Human Paradox guitarist Darin Moore, and keyboardist Evan English to fill the vacancies. This lineup began to play shows promoting the new album and gained a large local following.

In 2013, Soundmass Records released “The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood” which was the original recording of the band’s debut album that Rowe Productions had rejected. The album also included three tracks from the Tunnel Vision demo, as well as two tracks from the 1999 demo.

“There are interesting developments within the music. While there is definite use of lead guitar throughout the songs, for the most part it’s very rhythm orientated music, focusing less on lead guitars and melody while putting more emphasis into chords, palm muted progressions and groove. …The use of vocals, guitars, and drums are all very syncopated, leaving everything to have an incredibly percussive feel.” – album review by BassPatriot (

In 2014, after headlining two shows in Puerto Rico, the band entered a local studio to record what was intended to become their third album, to be titled “Devolved”. Unfortunately, the revolving door of musicians struck again, with Darin and Randy suddenly leaving the band. Darin also requested that none of the songs written while he was in the band be used, leaving the band to start from scratch. Chaz, Nevin, and Evan recruited a new lineup, including the return of James Riggs. This lineup, however, suffered from logistical problems and disbanded after a few rehearsals, once again leaving fans without a promised album.

Although Chaz had begun another very successful project (Letters to the Blind), fans continually demanded a BioGenesis reunion. In 2015, Chaz and James recruited local musicians Luke and Majennica Nealeigh to begin secretly writing for the band’s third album. Shortly after, Chaz invited Luke and Majennica’s younger brother Sam to play Keyboard, and their father Dan to play Bass.

On New Year’s Day 2016, BioGenesis announced it’s official comeback, releasing a re-recorded version of the song “Never” (from The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth), and announcing that it had began recording it’s third album, to be titled “A Decadence Divine”, with guitarist Luke Nealeigh producing. This news was released to overwhelmingly positive response.

A few months later, the band released a brand new track “Inside the Beast” on Facebook, and launched a private group page where members of the band could post videos of the making of the new album for it’s fan-base to watch. This led to BioGenesis signing a contract with Roxx Records in August of 2016.

BioGenesis’ third album “A Decadence Divine” is currently in the last few stages of recording and completion, and is slated to be released by Roxx Records in March 2017! The band is extremely excited to release this work to everybody, and could not be more pleased to be working with Roxx Records! The band would like to thank every fan new and old for continuing to support us after all these years; Bill and everyone at Roxx Productions for offering us this awesome chance to extend our ministry to places we never would have been able to take it on our own; and of course, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for reasons FAR too many to list!

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