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Weapons Of Our Warfare
What A Joke
Stay Of Execution
River Disturbance
Camelot In Smithereens
As Above, So Below
Hear What I Say!
The Subversive Kind
Jimmy P. Brown II: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Glenn Rogers: Lead Guitar
Victor Macias: Bass Guitar
Jim Chaffin: Drums 


What defines a legend? Simply put, it is someone ‘famous or notorious in a particular field’. A band that impacts their playing field above others is a legendary band. Deliverance is such a band.Deliverance, affectionately known as the Big D, burst on to the scene in 1985. Fans got their first taste on the California Metal compilation by Regency Records. On an album of mostly hair and power metal, The Big D’s speed metal track, “Attack” stood up and slapped you in the face. For many of these fans, this was their first exposure to the thrash genre.The Big D would go on to record several very influential thrash records including Deliverance, Weapons of Our Warfare and What a Joke. These three albums inspired numerous musicians and primed the band for success. MTV featured the video for the song Weapons of Our Warfare on its Headbanger’s Ball program; a feat only accomplished by Stryper and Barren Cross in the CCM market at the time.Founder and primary songwriter, Jimmy P Brown II, began changing the Deliverance sound with the transitional Stay of Execution album in 1992. The band hired Terry Scott Taylor of Daniel Amos fame for production duties. Gone were the speed metal riffs and thrash drumming. They were replaced by heavy, melodic hooks reminiscent of Jimmy’s influences like Queensryche. This stylistic change allowed Jimmy to garner recognition and respect as a top vocalist in his field and gained the band another new fan base.

Deliverance continued developing their sound with Learn and River Disturbance. Learn is highlighted by the fan favorite Daniel Amos cover song, Sanctuary, while River Disturbance is said to be The Big D’s most creative effort to date by both Jimmy P Brown II and Manny Morales.

By 1995, the band embarked on recording an ambitious concept album called Camelot In Smithereens. Unfortunately, the record company removed the samples and storyline narrative from the recordings and refused to publish the accompanying book. So, the record was released with fans not realizing its concept. Jimmy has always regretted this release and so, in 2017 he announced a re-recording and proper release of the original idea of Camelot in Smithereens. Stay tuned for that!

Deliverance remained influential throughout their career, playing for audiences, young and old, all over the world while continuing to evolve and refine themselves. But in 1996 Jimmy felt that the band had run its course and The Big D officially disbanded.

Yet, fans continued to demand live performances and new recordings. So, after a few years, Jimmy returned with Deliverance and recorded the Assimilation record. Assimilation was a hybrid of metal and electronic sounds. With fan interest rekindled, The Big D recorded a live record while performing at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.

Deliverance would take another hiatus until demand once again brought them out of hiding. As Above – So Below (2007) and Hear What I Say (2013) were the direct result of fans demanding new Deliverance material.

In early 2017, Jimmy P Brown II announced plans for a new Deliverance record. In an interview, he said that it was a return to their roots and it would be the fastest, heaviest thing they’ve done. The record is called The Subversive Kind. In preparation for the recording, Jimmy began assembling a “who’s who” of the CCM metal scene to fill out the new lineup.

Fans began to get excited as news of members was released. First to join was renowned thrash drummer Jim Chafffin of The Crucified and The Blamed. Then came Victor Macias known for his incredible bass work with Tourniquet. Jimmy and Jim kept the guitarist a mystery until just before the new record went to mastering. Original Deliverance member and guitarist extraordinaire, Glenn Rogers (Vengeance Rising, Hirax) has returned to the fold. And finally, Greg Minier (The Crucified, Applehead) also lent his acclaimed guitar skills to the recording.

The legendary Big D is back with a super-group of talented players and a record that returns to where it all began. Throughout their career, Deliverance have influenced and paved the way for so many bands and set the standard for excellence… because that’s what legends do. “Mosh it up, baby”!

Deliverance2017-Jimmy Deliverance2017-Glenn
Deliverance2017-Jim Deliverance2017-Victor

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