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Legion Within EP
Simon Cochrane – Lead Guitar, backing vocals, MIDI
Mark Payne – Bass Guitar
Alan Duddy – Vocals
Nathan Glasgow – Drums
Logan McKee – Rhythm Guitar 

Irish death metal band Indominus are ready to take you on a blistering musical journey. Shredding guitars, killer death growls, and on-point drumming are all hallmarks on the band’s debut EP entitled ‘Legion Within’.

Indominus was formed in mid 2016 from the ashes of ForChristSake. The band has appeared at multiple international festivals in locations such as Holland, Malta and Switzerland.

Indominus’ main influence is Melodic Death Metal, however, there are elements of various other genres such as progressive. black and thrash metal scattered throughout the songs in an interesting mix. We aim to make great sounding heavy music that you can really bang your head to, along with entertaining people in incendiary live performances. We hope to have a new full length album out somewhere in 2017, until then – keep playing “Legion Within”! It’s a statement of our intent and a sign of future things to come.

Coming Soon
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