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Heat F/T Road
Light Up The Sky
Arena Of Aliens
Flying N Floating
Long Gone
Carved In Time
Wing Seven
Andre Adonis – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Netto Mello – Guitar
Akasio Angels – Bass Guitar
Fred Mika – Drums, PercussionThe journey starts in the band’s own name, because Sunroad means an inner trip; searching for deeply spiritual knowledge and the relationship between man and earth. The group was formed in the city of Goiania, Brazil, a province of Goias. Sunroad was formed by two musician cousins Danillo Vee (guitars, backing vocals) and Fred Mika (drums, backing vocals) In the beginning, they were a simple quartet but one year after its start changed its line up to be a quintet, which was the beginning of many changes until the group finally established itself around Fred Mika, Andre Adonis (vocals, keyboards), Netto Mello (guitars, backing vocals) and Akasio Angels (bass, backing vocals).

Sunroad started to build a nice following in Goiania and the surrounding area with thier first two albums, Heat From The Road in 1999, released independently and Light Up The Sky (EP) in 2001, which was released through Golden Music Records. The group attempted to go national and international with their music in 2001/2002, but did not make a great impact.

In 2003, the group had a second chance signing on internationally with Avantage Records with their Arena Of Aliens album, which was very well received and critically acclaimed both nationally and internationally in countries like Japan, USA and all over Europe reaching various worldwide chart positions. With 2006´s Flying N´Floating album, they included a Scorpions cover by way of the song Sun In My Hand (from the album In Trance) which was reviewed and approved by its original composer, Uli Jon Roth. During this period, Sunroad was regarded as one of the most important Brazilian rock groups and the main hard rock band Midwest of Brazil. By the end of that year the band had reached the Top 5 on the American college radios with their single and ballad entitled First Day. This resulted in increased show invitations throughout Brazil and abroad. This also helped them seal the deal for a tour of South-America promoted by Delzotano management of Peru, who promoted some of the biggest and most important festivals from the Midwest of Brazil,with shows such as Tattoo Rock Fest, Zardine moto-event, Alcateia MC, Nomad´s MC, Abutres MC, Aguias Do cerrado MC, Goiaba Rock, Covernation and Vaca Amarela among several other moto-clubs and festivals around Brazil including Blackmore Rock Bar in São Paulo and Tendencies Rock em Palmas/TO. Sunroad then began to deal with Eduardo Bonadia of Strikemet Management. Bonadia was the co-founder and ex-editor of the biggest South American rock magazine, Rock Brigade.

In December 2008, the band released 1996-2006/Ten Years Treating Deafness, a 15 track collection highlighting the first ten years of Sunroad since it was founded in 1996 all the way through to their Flying N´Floating album released in 2006. This compilation was released by Allegro Discos and distributed by Tratore. This greatest hits collection for Sunroad had very good distribution throughout Brazil and was serviced to many local record stores.

In early 2009, the band was invited by drummer Garry King (session man for Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, Ian Gillan and Jeff Beck) and also Andy Robbins (ex-Holy Soldier, Joe Lynn Turner) to participate in an area workshop. In July 2009, Sunroad was invited to be the opening act for a Brazilian tour featuring Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen). Right after this Sunroad released their next album, Long Gone (December 2009) with more of that classic hard rock sound the band had mastered so well, new shows were booked and the release was promoted by TSM Music & Promotions in North America and Europe. Some moto-clubs, FNACs and tattoo rock encounter gigs followed this new eleven track release, which lead to some important shows opening for Doogie White (former member of Yngwie Malmsteen and Rainbow) in March of2010, and also as opening act for American hard rock band, LA Guns (May 2010) and then also for Christian classic rock band Petra (August 2010).

By this time Sunroad was one of the most relevant hard rock groups throughout Brazil. The next year, 2011, Harion Vex would rejoin Sunroad, as they had parted ways in 2004, just in time to sign with MS Metal Records and with Voice Music as a distribution partner for South America, Europe and USA. Their album “Carved In Time” would be released in December, 2013. During the “Carved In Time” recording sessions, Sunroad would tour with Mad Max (Germany) and Whitecross (USA). After the albums release, Sunroad started the “Carved In Time Tour 2013-2014” along several Brazilian cities and the last show sharing the stage with none other than Stryper in December of 2014 where the band would record their Carved in Time live DVD with bonus video clips.

In 2015, Sunroad would sign an endorsement deal with Dean Guitars of Brazil. Soon after this, the members of Sunroad would support renowned American singer and composer Kelly Keeling for his Brazlian tour. Kelly was part of several worldwide famous bands and musicians such as Michael Schenker Group, Yngwie Malmsteen, Red Zone Rider, Baton Rouge, John Norum (Europe band guitarist) John Sykes (Thin Lizzy, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Whitesnake, Blue Murder), George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken) among many others.

After this tour, a new singer Andre Adonis would join Sunroad (Coming from the local band Mal Necessario) and the band would start to work on their seventh album entitled Wing Seven. Netto Mello was also invited to his first workshop under their recent Dean Guitars endorsement sharing the stage with renowned guitarist Michelangelo Batio. During this time Sunroad also signed with Roadie Metal press agency.

Sunroad sound could be defined as a very dynamic hard rock band with some blues and progressive rock influences thrown in their as well. Now in 2017 Sunroad continues their rock and roll journey and sign on with US label Roxx Records to release their upcoming seventh album titled Wing Seven.

Rua 116, Qd. F 41-A, Lt. 19, Setor Sul
Goiania/SP, Brazil
CEP 74085-350
Tel. (55) 62 9241-3922 / 62 3278-3624
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