Max Blam Jam video for Apathy’s Child

Posted on January 1, 2018 by Bill Roxx

Happy New Year to all, we are kicking the new year off right and rockin it into 2018. We have lots of great things in store for 2018, we are just about to kick off a large campaign and promotion for the new Deliverance album ‘The Subversive Kind’ in early January and we already have new vinyl projects at the pressing plant for Terraphobia, Soldier and Final Prophecy to name just a few of the things kicking off 2018. But for today we want to kick off the new year with the new clip from the upcoming Max Blam Jam album entitled ‘Blowup Man’ which will be released on January 26, 2018 via Roxx Records.

We hope you have a great 2018! Start it off by checking out the new video for ‘Apathy’s Child’ courtesy of KruseFX, debuting a beautiful new remaster from Bombworks Studio and featuring all new artwork from No Life til Metal Graphics.

Max Blam Jam – ‘Apathy’s Child’

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