Deliverance News!

From the early thrash metal scene on the West Coast and hailing from the mean streets of Los Angeles California, brace yourselves Metal fans, for the long overdue return of Deliverance!  Helping shape the early thrash and speed metal scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s Deliverance were one of the premiere bands to stand out and break away from the pack. Signed to Intense Records in the early stages of their career and with their video ‘Weapons of our Warfare’ a staple on MTV’s Headbangers Ball, Deliverance were at the forefront of all things speed metal. And now in 2012 Deliverance are back and set to reclaim their place as major players in the thrash and speed metal scene once again!

3 Frogz Records in association with Roxx Productions are excited to announce the first brand new album from Deliverance in over 5 long years! This Fall get ready for the band to unleash their long awaited  tenth studio album aptly entitled ‘Hear What I Say!’

Deliverance 2012 features the one and only founder and main song writer in Deliverance Jimmy P. Brown II out front on vocals and lead guitar as well as the return of Michael Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Join The Dead) shredding once again on lead guitar. On bass making his long overdue return to the Deliverance fold, none other than Manny Morales!  And this time around pounding the drums we make way for a true drumming legend making his debut to the Deliverance line up, none other than Jayson Sherlock (Mortification, Horde, Paramecium)!

And this Sunday July 22nd get ready for the world premiere of the first track off of the upcoming new album ‘Hear What I Say!’ entitled ‘The Annals of Subterfuge’. Join Michael Phillips this Sunday on ‘Beyond The Riff’ as he talks about all things Deliverance, as well as his new band and album Join The Dead and his recent role and involvement with progressive metallers The Sacrificed!

Tune in from 2pm-4pm PST to hear what Michael has to say and to catch the world premiere of the brand new Deliverance track!

Watch for the ‘soon to launch’ official Deliverance website at…

Also keep up with all things Deliverance through the official Deliverance facebook page at…

Or for full release details on the brand new Deliverance album coming soon!

Roxx Productions Summer Sampler 2012!

Roxx Records has been working very hard for over 10 years now to bring you, the listener, some of the best Christian Rock and Metal this side of Heaven. And 2012 has been no exception and right here we are offering you a free taste of some of this years already classic releases as well as some insight to what the future holds for Roxx Records the remainder of 2012!

Simply make any purchase in the store between now and the 4th of July and you will be sure to add the free digital sampler item to your order! You will then receive an email with a link to download the sampler for free! Then sit back and take in some free tunes courtesy of Roxx Records!

If you like what you hear jump over to our website or any of our retail outlets and pick up a copy of the whole release to support the cause! Roxx Records titles are available either directly from Roxx Productions or through Amazon, Century Media, CD Baby, iTunes and many other fine indie music outlets!

Or if your still a little more old school and prefer a CD copy of the sampler then pick one up quick! These samplers were made for radio use, and we only have 20 left over we are making available to the public.

Have a Great and safe 4th of July and enjoy the tunes!

Track Listing:

The Sacrificed – Behold The Power of God
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘III’ (Now Available)

Liberty N Justice – Get Down
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast’ (Now Available)

Jump Ship Quick – Hollywouldn’t
* Taken from the Punk Roxx Records Release ‘Where thieves cannot tread’ (Now Available)

Join The Dead– Out of Breath
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘Join The Dead’ (Release Date August 7, 2012)

Liberty N Justice – Jesus Love Shout
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘Before the Revolution – Best of LNJ The Early Years’ (Available Fall 2012)

Ultimatum – Heart of Metal (Metal Pulse Radio Mix)
* Taken from the Roxx Records BONUS DISC version ‘Heart of Metal – 20 years of Ultimatum’ (Available Fall 2012)

ForChristSake – Red Moon
* Previously unreleased live version recorded on the 11th of May in Midtown Wales UK! Watch for their debut album on Roxx Records ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’ (Available Fall 2012)

Ascendant – The Alteration
* Taken from the album ‘The Alteration’ with US Distribution through Roxx Records (Now Available)

Join the Dead EP Coming!

Roxx Records is very proud to announce their latest signing and this time we are thrashing it up with Northern California based thrash band ‘Join the Dead’. Join The Dead are the start of what is looking to prove that 2012 will see a resurgence of the thrash scene! Taking lessons from Exodus, Forbidden, Violence and early Metallica, Join The Dead wear their heart (or sound) on their sleeve proudly!

Whether you like your thrash a little old school or you love the sounds of some of the newer era of thrash, thrash fans all over the world will be eating up the bands brand new self titled 4 song EP. Join The Dead features Michael Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Fasedown) Paul White (Decadence) and Tim Kronyak (Deliverance) moshing it up on their debut release!

Roxx Records will be unleashing the bands new EP with a twist, the 4 track EP will be available at all of your favorite digital distribution outlets on August 7th, 2012. The EP will feature 4 killer tunes entitled Mask of Fear, Out of Breath, Self Inflicted Pain and Idol Faith.

The EP will also be available in a very Limited Edition CD pressing that will also include 13 bonus tracks, featuring many previously unreleased demos and live recordings. Early recordings from some of the bands where the members of ‘Join The Dead’ got their start, such as Decadence, Testimony, fasedown and Deliverance. These long lost recordings include the likes of some amazing players including…Greg Minier, Tim Kronyak, Michael Phillips, Paul White, Jim Chaffin and Jimmy Brown to name a few. The CD release will include a full color booklet telling the story and history of many of these unreleased gems.

Many of these demos have never been available or heard by the general public. This musical journey can only be told by reading the story written by Michael Phillips and listening to the music on this Limited Edition CD. The additional bonus tracks and story will ONLY be available for a limited time and only on the CD pressing of the Join The Dead ‘EP’.

So whether you’re in the mood for some brand new thrash and hearing the start of what promises to be a great up and coming shaker on the thrash scene, or you want to hear a little musical history from the artists in ‘Join The Dead’, this release will offer something for everyone!
The digital version of the EP and the Limited Edition CD will be released on August 7th, 2012. Limited Edition packages and pre-orders are up now at !

PS: And a very special ‘PS’ this is! Watch in the next few weeks for the launch of a massive announcement detailing the return of… ‘Deliverance’ with a brand new studio album and shows!

Deliverance 2012 will feature Jimmy Brown, Michael Phillips, Manny Morales and on drums this time around none other then Mortification drummer Jayson Sherlock! Stay Tuned!

Roxx Records Signs Jump Ship Quick

Thumper Punk Records and Punk Roxx Records are proud to announce their first joint release from Colorado based punk band Jump Ship Quick!

Jump Ship Quick is a brand new outfit featuring former members of Focused and Ultimatum! Jump Ship Quick is ready to take the punk world by storm this year unleashing their debut CD entitled ‘Where Thieves Cannot Tread’ on June 5, 2012.

Fans of bands like NOFX and The Crucified are gonna love their approach to the old school vibe reviving that classic punk sound and attitude and mixing in a little modern day twist that is going to leave their fans wanting more! And Jump Ship Quick are sure not afraid to speak their minds and tell it like it is as you will hear in some of their very politically charged lyrics!

Look at this track listing…

01. Through The Ears

02. Mask On Greed

03. He Must Increase

04. Here Come The Clowns

05. Not My Fault

06. Hollywouldn’t

07. As We Overcome

08. Killing For Convenience

09. In The Guise

10. Where Thieves Cannot Tread

11. Clueless But Not Hopeless

12. If Only….

13. I Defy Your Violence

14 Cattle Prod

15. My One True Hope

16. Sun Sets

Jump Ship Quick’s debut CD also received some help from famed Five Iron Frenzy saxophonist “Jeff the Girl”! (aka Leanor Inez Ortega Till) who handled all the production of this new release! In addition the release was also fully mixed and mastered by Masaki Liu whose past credits include Five Iron Frenzy, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Echoing Green, and The W’s to name a few.

Special Limited Edition Pre Order Packages are up now and available at: or

March News


The new album ‘III’ is out now and getting rave reviews! It is the March ‘Album of the month’ over at Metal Pulse Radio.

The reviews have been pouring  in!

Metal Mark from ‘Heavy Metal Time Machine’ says…  “A great effort and an album I will be listening to a lot down the road”

Chad Bower from had this to say..  “Music fans of all stripes can enjoy III, a diverse and well-played CD.”

Keven Crothers of White Throne Metal Reviews adds… “III is a full on metal assault that starts off 2012 in fine fashion”

Scott Waters of No Life til Metal adds… “III is head banging heavy metal…fans of classic metal and speed metal will find this right up their alley”

Could this be the best Christian Metal album of 2012? Time will tell! If you have not got your copy yet pick it up today in the Roxx store or at your favorite retail outlet.


‘Hell is coming to Breakfast’ is near completion and the official release date of April 24th is quickly approaching! Pre-orders are still going on but if you want one of the special edition T-Shirt we only have a couple left so get your orders in quick! When they are gone, they are gone! We just posted some pictures of this beautiful 2 sided T-Shirt on the pre-order link! The shirts feature a listing of every contributing artist from HIC2B!

Want to hear some new LNJ from “HICTB”? Jim Madonna has put together some very cool vids for a few of the songs including an acoustic version of “Sin” featuring the late/great Jani Lane!!!!

Sin” (acoustic version)  Jani Lane

Stretch Armstrong”  Louis St. August (MASS), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper) & JK Northrup (King Kobra/ XYZ)

Hell Is Coming To Breakfast”  Seann Nichols (Adler’s Appetite / Tarsha), JK Northrup (King Kobra/XYZ)

Your Memory Just Won’t Do” [Previously unreleased on CD] David Cagle, Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot) & CJ Snare (Firehouse)

Also, we invite you to a very special premiere of the ‘Lyrics Version’ of ‘Sin’ featuring Jani Lane. The song was already moving and inspiring people on its own, but when you read along to the lyrics combined with his beautifully haunting vocal performance, the video is even more moving. Jani had hand picked this song from Liberty n Justice as he was presented with several options and I think it is clear to see just why!

Anyone who may have questioned where his heart was at the time of his passing, I think it’s clear to see through this song, which is one of his very last vocal recordings, that he had made his peace with God and that we will all see him again one day!

We are proud to present to you ‘Sin’ featuring Jani Lane the latest video from Liberty n Justice upcoming new album ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast’…

Lastly on the LNJ front Roxx Records is proud to announce that later this year we will be releasing ‘Before the Revolution: Best of LNJ The Early Years’ which will feature remastered tracks from the very first 4 LNJ releases “Armed With The Cross”, “Big Guns”, “Forever Till The End” & “Bargain Bins” plus some cool demo’s! Some of which have never been released before or that have never been on CD before! More details coming very soon as we continue to celebrate 20 years of Liberty N Justice!


We are proud to announce a new partnership with Denmark based Metal band Ascendant as the official US distributor of their debut CD entitled ‘The Alteration’ Their debut CD is available now in the Roxx store. Distribution pricing is available and will be going out to all resellers next week! If you are interested in carrying the new title message us here!

Ascendant is a death/black metal band from Denmark who just recently released their debut album over in Denmark and just signed a US distribution deal with Roxx Records. On ‘The Alteration’ the band delivers up eleven songs of well executed death metal with some black metal and metalcore tinged in.

Pick up your copy up now in the Roxx store or watch for it soon to be available at your favorite retail outlets.


The debut album is near completion and Punk Roxx Records is about to explode watch for a full announcement in the next few weeks!


ForChristSake are currently in the studio in Northern Ireland preparing their debut Roxx Records release entitled ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’. We have heard a few sneak peaks and can tell you this is gonna rock this summer! Stay Tuned!

LNJ: Stretch Armstrong

Roxx Records and Liberty n Justice are proud to announce the release of the debut single from ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast’ which has just been serviced to radio.

The debut Single entitled ‘Stretch Armstrong’ featuring the talents of Louis St August (Mass) and Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper).

In addition to the brand new single be sure to check out the world premiere video for ‘Stretch Armstrong’ by Clicking Here!

Order your copy of the brand new 20th Anniversary CD ‘Hell Is Coming To Breakfast’ from Roxx Productions today!

Roxx Records Signs ForChristSake!

Roxx Records is pleased to announce they have signed ForChristSake to their ever growing roster!

ForChristSake are based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland and play an eclectic brand of Death Metal with a bit of Thrash and even some elements of Black Metal thrown in to create their unique sound. The band made quite an impression on the metal scene of Northern Ireland in 2010 with the release of their debut self produced 4 track EP entitled ‘Death is but a breath away’ which is now out of print. The band has also been garnishing rave reviews for their live performances and has made several appearances throughout the European festival circuit the past couple of years.

FCS will also be making a special appearance at this year’s Meltdown Festival in the UK before they go in to the studio. The band are set to go in to the studio this spring to record their debut full length release entitled ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’ with an anticipated release date of summer 2012. FCS bassist Mark Payne had this to say about signing with Roxx Records: “We are keen to work with Roxx because of their experience in this genre and we are delighted to be working with Bill on our debut album.”

Watch for full release details this spring and sign up on the Roxx Productions mailing list for updates and details as they become available

The Sacrificed: Falling Download!

Check out the brand new just released first single off of “The Sacrificed: III” over at the Roxx Records Facebook page now!

Every one that signs up on the email list, here on the Roxx Productions site, will receive a link to download the brand new single totally FREE!

The album is complete and sounds absolutely amazing! We are excited to release “The Sacrificed: III” upon the world!

It is sure to be a fan favorite this year and destined to become an instant Classic Christian Metal release!

Click Here To Order Today!


The Sacrificed ‘III’ News

We are very excited to announce the release is near completion and it sounds amazing! For the first time here is the entire track listing for “The Sacrificed: III”…

01. The World is Changing (Intro)
02. Falling
03. Ark of the Covenant
04. The Nephilim Agenda
05. Time’s Up
06. Words on the Gin
07. Behold the Power of God
08. Regeneration
09. Offended
10. Before the storm
11. 24

All of those who have already pre-ordered will be receiving an exclusive download of the entire album this week! In addition anyone that pre-orders the new CD from this day forward will also receive a download link of the whole album!

Get ready 2012 is going to be an amazing year for fans of The Sacrificed as ‘III’ has finally arrived!

Winter Update 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 was a pretty tough year for many people and for the economy, but we are confident (and praying) that 2012 will be a better year for all! We want to start by thanking everyone for their continued support in 2011! Crossforce ‘Rockin til the Final Day’ and Liberty n Justice ‘Chasing a Cure LP’ were both huge successes for Roxx on a lot of levels! If you didn’t pick those up yet you still can in the Roxx store!

2012 is starting off as a busy year for us at Roxx! January will be a big month with the release of The Sacrificed new CD ‘III’ and this sounds amazing! Eli Prinsen and Jay Williams are now joined by Michael Phillips (Deliverance / fasedown) and Daniel Cordova (Vengeance Rising) We will have samples available real soon!

2012 also brings us the 20th Anniversary of Liberty n Justice! To help celebrate Roxx and LNJ will be putting out a special release entitled ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast! ‘Hell’ will feature the brand new title track and several tracks that were intended to be on their 2013 major label debut ‘The Cigar Chronicles’ (More on this in the coming months) but the label did not want the tracks that were overtly Christian in nature so we collected them all here for this very special release! Also on this special release will be a previously unreleased acoustic mix of the song ‘Sin’ which features the late great Jani Lane of Warrant on vocals! Watch for this Limited Edition pressing in March!

Also in the first half of the year we will have the debut of ForChristSake from Northern Ireland making their label debut with their brand new title called ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’ more on this in the coming weeks. Roxx is also very excited to be releasing the debut release from JumpShipQuick on a new imprint of Roxx entitled ‘Punk Roxx’ Fans of The Crucified, Five Iron Frenzy, Black Flag or Further Seems Forever are going to love this!

Not enough for you? We have a few more releases up our sleeves but it’s a little to early to mention them yet! So if you want to hear about them and all things Roxx we need you to sign up on our mailing list over at and while you are over there take a look at the brand new website we just launched with the help of our new webmaster David Garrison of Sanctus Gladius Radio! From here you can access the Roxx store where we have all of our titles as well as a ton of Christian Rock and Metal in our distribution outlet. Also check out the brand new discography page where you can see an archive of all the past Roxx releases and events!

Not enough for you? You can also access the new Roxxcast hosted by Larry Versaw of Sanctus Gladius Radio! Roxxcast is a new one hour podcast that will feature music, interviews and testimonies of some classic Christian Rock and Metal artists! The debut episode is posted and you can access at directly at our website! The debut episode features Michael Phillips and Eli Prinsen of The Sacrificed where they will debut some of the new tracks off of ‘III’ exclusively on Roxxcast. Upcoming episodes will feature Phil Castillo from Crossforce, Justin Murr of Liberty n Justice, Scott Waters from Ultimatum and Paul Scozzafava from The Moshketeers and Rapture.

So stay tuned as we are ready to rock in the New Year with tons of new Jesus Metal!

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