The Sacrificed ‘III’ News

We are very excited to announce the release is near completion and it sounds amazing! For the first time here is the entire track listing for “The Sacrificed: III”…

01. The World is Changing (Intro)
02. Falling
03. Ark of the Covenant
04. The Nephilim Agenda
05. Time’s Up
06. Words on the Gin
07. Behold the Power of God
08. Regeneration
09. Offended
10. Before the storm
11. 24

All of those who have already pre-ordered will be receiving an exclusive download of the entire album this week! In addition anyone that pre-orders the new CD from this day forward will also receive a download link of the whole album!

Get ready 2012 is going to be an amazing year for fans of The Sacrificed as ‘III’ has finally arrived!

Winter Update 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 was a pretty tough year for many people and for the economy, but we are confident (and praying) that 2012 will be a better year for all! We want to start by thanking everyone for their continued support in 2011! Crossforce ‘Rockin til the Final Day’ and Liberty n Justice ‘Chasing a Cure LP’ were both huge successes for Roxx on a lot of levels! If you didn’t pick those up yet you still can in the Roxx store!

2012 is starting off as a busy year for us at Roxx! January will be a big month with the release of The Sacrificed new CD ‘III’ and this sounds amazing! Eli Prinsen and Jay Williams are now joined by Michael Phillips (Deliverance / fasedown) and Daniel Cordova (Vengeance Rising) We will have samples available real soon!

2012 also brings us the 20th Anniversary of Liberty n Justice! To help celebrate Roxx and LNJ will be putting out a special release entitled ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast! ‘Hell’ will feature the brand new title track and several tracks that were intended to be on their 2013 major label debut ‘The Cigar Chronicles’ (More on this in the coming months) but the label did not want the tracks that were overtly Christian in nature so we collected them all here for this very special release! Also on this special release will be a previously unreleased acoustic mix of the song ‘Sin’ which features the late great Jani Lane of Warrant on vocals! Watch for this Limited Edition pressing in March!

Also in the first half of the year we will have the debut of ForChristSake from Northern Ireland making their label debut with their brand new title called ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’ more on this in the coming weeks. Roxx is also very excited to be releasing the debut release from JumpShipQuick on a new imprint of Roxx entitled ‘Punk Roxx’ Fans of The Crucified, Five Iron Frenzy, Black Flag or Further Seems Forever are going to love this!

Not enough for you? We have a few more releases up our sleeves but it’s a little to early to mention them yet! So if you want to hear about them and all things Roxx we need you to sign up on our mailing list over at and while you are over there take a look at the brand new website we just launched with the help of our new webmaster David Garrison of Sanctus Gladius Radio! From here you can access the Roxx store where we have all of our titles as well as a ton of Christian Rock and Metal in our distribution outlet. Also check out the brand new discography page where you can see an archive of all the past Roxx releases and events!

Not enough for you? You can also access the new Roxxcast hosted by Larry Versaw of Sanctus Gladius Radio! Roxxcast is a new one hour podcast that will feature music, interviews and testimonies of some classic Christian Rock and Metal artists! The debut episode is posted and you can access at directly at our website! The debut episode features Michael Phillips and Eli Prinsen of The Sacrificed where they will debut some of the new tracks off of ‘III’ exclusively on Roxxcast. Upcoming episodes will feature Phil Castillo from Crossforce, Justin Murr of Liberty n Justice, Scott Waters from Ultimatum and Paul Scozzafava from The Moshketeers and Rapture.

So stay tuned as we are ready to rock in the New Year with tons of new Jesus Metal!

LNJ: Pre-Order Bonus

Every one that orders the CD between now and January 2nd will automatically receive a free digital download from ‘The Cigar Chronicles’…

Sheldon Tarsha aka: Seann Nicols (ex-Adler’s Appetite/ Tarsha)
Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister)
JK Northrup (King Kobra/XYZ)

*This is an alternative version and that may not be included on the physical release

Several tracks that were intended to be on “The Cigar Chronicles” release were rejected by the mainstream label because of the Christian oriented themes.  All of those songs were collected together to be released on Roxx Records as “Hell is Coming to Breakfast”!  Also of note is the alternative acoustic mix of “Sin”, featuring a final recording of the late Jani Lane (Warrent).

You can preorder “Hell is Coming to Breakfast” by Clicking Here!

LNJ: Hell’s Coming To Breakfast

Roxx Productions along with Liberty ‘n’ Justice are very pleased to announce for LNJ’s 20th Anniversary (1992-2012) the release of their 11th studio album ‘Hell Is Coming to Breakfast’. This marks the bands second release on Roxx Records after a successful partnership on the Limited Edition charity CD entitled ‘Chasing a Cure LP’ that the two teamed up on earlier in 2011.  “Hell Is Coming to Breakfast” is set for release on March 1, 2012 with pre-sales beginning now.

Justin Murr of Liberty ‘n’ Justice has this to say about the release: “We recorded so many songs for our yet to be released 2 CD project entitled ‘The Cigar Chronicles’. Foreseeing that there would be a delay on this release until late in 2012 or early 2013, we didn’t want the fans to have to wait that long to get some new LNJ in their hands! When Bill of Roxx Records approached me and asked if we had anything else up our sleeves ready for release, we realized we had to many songs that were not going to fit on ‘The Cigar Chronicles’.  We came up with 6 songs that we thought would be best placed on this new record.  We also recorded another brand new song – which is the title track, ‘Hell Is Coming to Breakfast’. In addition, we are also pleased to include 5 previously unreleased rare cuts.  I am really excited for our fans to hear this collection!”

Bill from Roxx Records had this to say about the new release “We are very excited to be working with Justin and Liberty ‘n’ Justice once again, especially in the bands twentieth year! Justin Murr and all the wonderful artists he works with continue to release nothing but top notch material and after twenty years it is just amazing how they keep coming up with so many great Melodic Rock songs again and again and again!”

In addition to the 7 brand new tracks and various demos and rarities we are very excited to be able to include on this release and on CD for the very first time ever the original acoustic demo version of ‘Sin’, featuring the late great Jani Lane of Warrant out front on vocals.

Full Track Listing…

  1. “Hell Is Coming To Breakfast”
    Seann Nicols (Adler’s Appetite / Tarsha)
    JK Northrup (King Kobra/ XYZ)
  2. Madhatter”
    Donnie Vie (Enuff Z’ Nuff)
    JK Northrup (King Kobra/ XYZ)
    Chris Dickens (Mission Of One)
    Tommy Denander
  3. “Whack A Mole”
    Johnny Lima
    JK Northrup (King Kobra/ XYZ)
    Jerry Johnson (SAINT)
    Richard Lynch (SAINT)
  4. “Thankful Heart”
    Philip Bardowell (MAGDALEN/Unruly Child)
    Lynn Louise Lowrey (Vixen/Testify)
    Anthony Gravley
  5. “Nakatomi Plaza”
    JK Northrup (King Kobra/ XYZ)
    Greg Bishop (X-Sinner)
    Scott Weisenborn (Testify)
  6. “Stretch Armstrong”
    Louis St August (Mass)
    JK Northrup (King Kobra/ XYZ)
    Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper)
  7. “Get Down”
    Tony Mills (TNT/ Shy)
    Mark Allen Lanoue (Chasing Karma/ Bilioxi)
    Anthony Gravley
  8. “Your Memory Just Won’t Do” [Previously Unreleased]
    David Cagle
    Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot)
    CJ Snare (Firehouse)
  9. “Thy will be done” [Demo]
    Jamie Rowe (Guardian)
  10. ”What do you believe?” [Demo]
    Mike Ledesma (FAR CRY)
    Vic Rivera (Crunch)
  11. “Monkey Dance” [Alternate Mix]
    Jack Russell (Great White)
  12. “Sin” [Original Acoustic Demo]
    Jani Lane (Warrant)

This is a Limited Edition CD Release.  For full details (including pre-order information and discounted bundles) please visit our SHOP today!

Roxx Records Signs The Sacrificed!

The Sacrificed are very happy to announce they have signed on with Roxx Records and Divine Metal Distribution for the release of their highly anticipated third album aptly entitled ‘III’. ‘III’ will see the band continue to grow and expand upon that signature sound that their fans have grown to love on their previous efforts ‘2012’ and ‘The Da Vinci Hoax’.

The cover art of ‘III’ is very simple, yet very powerful representing not only the title of the band’s third effort, but ‘III’ is a symbol and representation of the three nails that pierced the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. The band has never been afraid of controversy our what the mainstream may think as you can tell from this cover and as you will see when you begin to explore the music and message of this brand new album from The Sacrificed!

With the addition of two new members, Michael Phillips (Deliverance, fasedown) on guitars and backing vocals and Daniel Cordova (Vengeance Rising) on bass, coupled with founding members Eli Prinsen as lead vocalist and Jay Williams on the drums, ‘III’ promises to take the band to a whole new level, both musically and lyrically.

The music on ‘III’ is stronger then ever and continues in a direction that fans of Hard and Progressive rock bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater or Queensryche fans are sure to enjoy. “This album marks a shift into progressive metal, and we’re extremely excited for people to hear it” says Michael Phillips on the musical direction and journey on ‘III’.

Lyrically the words and topics covered on ‘III’ are not for the faint of heart. Covering such topics as The Ark of the Covenant and The Nephilim Agenda the band is not afraid to speak from the heart and tackle some very controversial topics, topics that many of today’s Christian artists shy away from. Eli Prinsen says “Don’t take my word for it, do your own research, seek the truth through prayer and your eyes will be opened on the lyrical content of ‘III’. ‘III’ will definitely strike a few nerves, which means this is the release you MUST hear in 2012!

“III” is set for release in January 31, 2012 and all pre-orders will receive their copies in advance of the release date, so order yours early! Deluxe Limited Edition packages will go on sale beginning ‘Black Friday’ the day after Thanksgiving exclusively at and

To pre-order this album, Click Here!

For band inquiries, interviews and promotional materials please contact

Christmas Party 2011: Candy Cane EP

Veritas Vinyl, Vinyl Remains and Roxx Records are very proud to announce a very special Christmas EP entitled “Christmas Party 2011 – The Candy Cane EP”. Featuring some punk rock Christmas Classics by: Three Kings (featuring members of The Crucified / Deliverance / The Sacrificed) False Idle, Absolved and Flat Earth Policy!

This strictly limited edition 7″ EP will be available in four different color’s of vinyl (red, green, gold, candy cane). This is being offered as a one time pressing of only 500 pieces and at the very special low price of $5.99 each or a 4 pack of all colors for only $20.99 and just in time for Christmas!

Track Listing and Artist Info

1. Three Kings – Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer: What do you get when you cross two Crucified Punks with a Metal Head? Three Kings! Three Kings is a side project featuring Greg Minier (The Crucified), Jim Chaffin (The Crucified), Mike Phillips (Deliverance and The Sacrificed). Hearing how good these three guys sound together here making their world debut makes you wonder, is this a one off track or will there be more to come? Only time will tell!

2. False Idle – Christmas Tune: False Idle took the church hymns you grew up listening to and turned them in to punk rock masterpieces on the 2010 release, hymns of punk rock praise. In 2011 False Idle showed us that they have mad skills with original music to on the new “I Refuse” EP. And here we get a very special treat at what they can do with an old school Christmas tune!

3. Absolved – Christmas Tune: Absolved show us just how to mix a touch of that old school punk sound and combine it with just a touch of that youth filled angst and hardcore sound and they even throw in a little metal here and there! Top that off with a little sense of humor and you have Absolved! And when you listen to this 7″ you get to hear just what they can do to a classic Christmas tune available only here!

4. Flat Earth Policy – Christmas Tune: Hot off the press and straight from the Punk scene of Colorado we have Flat Earth Policy! Making their 7″ Christmas track debut! Here we get to hear what this up and coming punk band sounds like and they don’t disappoint!

Get your copy now before they are gone! Available now exclusively at:

To order this album, Click Here!


Roxx Records is pleased to announce the final track listing for their Limited Edition release from Crossforce!

The CD will consist of the long lost and previously unreleased cassette only 6 song demo tape simply entitled “Crossforce” (originally released in 1986 making it the 25th Anniversary of this recording).

Also included are tracks from the never before released demo entitled the “Frontline demo” recorded in 1987 and made only to send to former Frontline Records Exec Jimmy Kempner in an effort to get the band signed to the label.

Rounding out this special CD collection is a long lost practice session version of “Rockin til the Final Day” the bands anthem song!

1. Tomorrow will come (86 Demo)
2. Our Father (86 Demo)
3. Smoke Filled Room (86 Demo)
4. Out of the darkness (86 Demo)
5. Ready n Waiting (86 Demo)
6. Rockin’ til the Final Day (86 Demo)
7. Stompin in the streets (Frontline Demo 87)
8. The Call (Frontline Demo 87)
9. Heavens Door (Frontline Demo 87)
10. It’s your life (Frontline Demo 87)
11. Wait and see (Frontline Demo 87)
12. The one who loves you (Frontline Demo 87)
13. Weeping World (Frontline Demo 87)
14. Rockin’ til the Final Day (Lost Practice Session 5-13-87)

Crossforce: Rockin’ Til The Final Day is available in your choice of 2 packages – the single disc version our the Deluxe Edition two disc version. Both versions will come with a Limited Edition guitar pick featuring Roxx Records signature series guitar pick # 4 featuring Crossforce/Mercy/Krush lead guitarist Phil Castillo.

The 2 disc version will come with an exclusive bonus disc only available to the first 100 pre-orders. This disc will contain live tracks from a previously unreleased Crossforce show recorded in San Francisco in 1987 as well as long lost demo tracks from the band Mercy which was the band featuring Tony and Phil post Crossforce days. These demos and all of the live tracks have never been released.

Get in your order today – once they are gone, they are gone and this is a special Limited edition pressing of only 500 copies!

To order the album, Click Here!


Roxx Records goes Punk? That’s right, Roxx Records is proud to announce their first signing of 2011 in the way of the punk outfit, Jump Ship Quick!

Jump Ship Quick is a brand new outfit featuring former members of Focused and Ultimatum! Jump Ship Quick are ready to take the punk world by storm this year unleashing their debut CD upon the world this spring. Fans of bands like NOFX and The Crucified are going to love their approach to the old school vibe reviving that classic punk sound and attitude and mixing in a little modern day twist that is going to leave their fans wanting more! And Jump Ship Quick are sure not afraid to speak their minds and tell it like it is as you will hear in some of their very politically charged lyrics!

Jump Ship Quick consists of Harry (Vox and Rhythm Guitar), Jeff (Lead Guitar), Greg (Bass) and “J” (Drums). Jump Ship Quick actually began about 6 years ago when Jeff and “J” began putting together a few songs just for fun. They had no singer or bass player at the time and they just wanted to lay down some ideas. As time went on the songs would begin to evolve to what would soon become the signature sound of Jump Ship Quick.

Before Jump Ship Quick, there were numerous bands for all of the members most notably Jeff, who was one of the original members of Focused and one of his songs he wrote the music for, “Walk Beside Me” would even make it on to the band’s historical debut album “Bow”. “J” and Greg both have origins in the New Mexico thrash outfit Ultimatum, Greg appeared on Ultimatum’s debut entitled Fatal Delay. During college Jeff and “J” came together to form a Ska core band and have been playing together ever since. Harry has been in several rock and punk bands that have been featured on various compilations and full length CD’s receiving recognition and praise by critics throughout the Vancouver area.

Jump Ship Quick’s debut CD will also receive some help from famed Five Iron Frenzy saxophonist “Jeff ” the girl! (aka Leanor Inez Ortega Till) who will be handling the production of this new release!

Stay tuned to for full release details coming soon!


The track listing for the EP is as follows:

01. Say Uncle
Ron Keel (KEEL)

02. Throwing Stones
Donnie Vie (ENUFF Z’NUFF)
JK Northrup

03. Paige’s Song
Tony Palacios (GUARDIAN)

04. Playing God
Terry Ilous (XYZ)
Jeff Paris

05. Chasing A Cure
Benny Mardones
John Pine
Bill Leverty (FIREHOUSE)

Bonus tracks:

06. Black Or White (MICHAEL JACKSON cover)
Terry Ilous (XYZ)
Alton Hood (D.O.C.)
JK Northrup

07. Quicksand Jesus (SKID ROW cover)
Kelly Keeling (BATON ROUGE)

08. Snake Eat Snake
David Raymond Reeves
Don Webster (NEON CROSS)

09. Butterface
Mark Allen Lanoue (BILOXI)
Joshua Perahia (JOSHUA)

10. When Mullets Ruled The World

11. Ground Zero
Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge)
Kerry Livgreen (KANSAS/PROTOKAW)
Carmine Appice

12. Eve (demo)
Tommy Denander

13. Damascus Road (demo)
Tommy Denander

This CD will be available for a short time in a very limited quantity of only 500 copies. In addition, the first 100 pre-orders will receive an exclusive LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE guitar pick.

To order the album, Click Here.

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE is trying to create awareness of epilepsy and raise money for research to find a cure with this special release.

The disease hits very close to home for LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE mainman Justin Murr and his family. Justin’s oldest daughter, Trinity Paige Murr, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age seven. For the past five years she has battled through daily medication, hospital stays, cluster seizures, induced comas, three weeks in the ICU and finally even undergoing brain surgery.

All of these artists donated their talent and time for this EP. The cover artwork was created and contributed by Rex Zachary and the CD layout and design will be contributed by Scott Waters.

To order the album, Click Here!

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