The Sacrificed ‘III’ News

We are very excited to announce the release is near completion and it sounds amazing! For the first time here is the entire track listing for “The Sacrificed: III”…

01. The World is Changing (Intro)
02. Falling
03. Ark of the Covenant
04. The Nephilim Agenda
05. Time’s Up
06. Words on the Gin
07. Behold the Power of God
08. Regeneration
09. Offended
10. Before the storm
11. 24

All of those who have already pre-ordered will be receiving an exclusive download of the entire album this week! In addition anyone that pre-orders the new CD from this day forward will also receive a download link of the whole album!

Get ready 2012 is going to be an amazing year for fans of The Sacrificed as ‘III’ has finally arrived!

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