Three New Videos

Posted on March 26, 2018 by Bill Roxx

Not one, not two, but three brand new videos are debuting right now! Yes we have three brand new releases all dropping on May the 4th!

A little something for everyone!

In the mood for the latest and greatest thrash/death metal? Check out the brand new video and first single from the debut album from Crushing The Deceiver with the opening track entitled ‘An Angel’s Armor’!

For those melodic rock fans we also have the brand new debut solo album from Sunroad drummer Fred Mika with his first single ‘Wired In’. Featuring guest vocalist Carl Dixon

And if you’re a fan of classic metal reissues then you have to hear the first track off the new album from Angelic Force with the track ‘Soldiers of the Cross’ from the long lost album from 1988 making its way to CD for the very first time!

Check out all three new singles and then be sure to pre order your copies today by visiting us at

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