Winter Update 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 was a pretty tough year for many people and for the economy, but we are confident (and praying) that 2012 will be a better year for all! We want to start by thanking everyone for their continued support in 2011! Crossforce ‘Rockin til the Final Day’ and Liberty n Justice ‘Chasing a Cure LP’ were both huge successes for Roxx on a lot of levels! If you didn’t pick those up yet you still can in the Roxx store!

2012 is starting off as a busy year for us at Roxx! January will be a big month with the release of The Sacrificed new CD ‘III’ and this sounds amazing! Eli Prinsen and Jay Williams are now joined by Michael Phillips (Deliverance / fasedown) and Daniel Cordova (Vengeance Rising) We will have samples available real soon!

2012 also brings us the 20th Anniversary of Liberty n Justice! To help celebrate Roxx and LNJ will be putting out a special release entitled ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast! ‘Hell’ will feature the brand new title track and several tracks that were intended to be on their 2013 major label debut ‘The Cigar Chronicles’ (More on this in the coming months) but the label did not want the tracks that were overtly Christian in nature so we collected them all here for this very special release! Also on this special release will be a previously unreleased acoustic mix of the song ‘Sin’ which features the late great Jani Lane of Warrant on vocals! Watch for this Limited Edition pressing in March!

Also in the first half of the year we will have the debut of ForChristSake from Northern Ireland making their label debut with their brand new title called ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’ more on this in the coming weeks. Roxx is also very excited to be releasing the debut release from JumpShipQuick on a new imprint of Roxx entitled ‘Punk Roxx’ Fans of The Crucified, Five Iron Frenzy, Black Flag or Further Seems Forever are going to love this!

Not enough for you? We have a few more releases up our sleeves but it’s a little to early to mention them yet! So if you want to hear about them and all things Roxx we need you to sign up on our mailing list over at and while you are over there take a look at the brand new website we just launched with the help of our new webmaster David Garrison of Sanctus Gladius Radio! From here you can access the Roxx store where we have all of our titles as well as a ton of Christian Rock and Metal in our distribution outlet. Also check out the brand new discography page where you can see an archive of all the past Roxx releases and events!

Not enough for you? You can also access the new Roxxcast hosted by Larry Versaw of Sanctus Gladius Radio! Roxxcast is a new one hour podcast that will feature music, interviews and testimonies of some classic Christian Rock and Metal artists! The debut episode is posted and you can access at directly at our website! The debut episode features Michael Phillips and Eli Prinsen of The Sacrificed where they will debut some of the new tracks off of ‘III’ exclusively on Roxxcast. Upcoming episodes will feature Phil Castillo from Crossforce, Justin Murr of Liberty n Justice, Scott Waters from Ultimatum and Paul Scozzafava from The Moshketeers and Rapture.

So stay tuned as we are ready to rock in the New Year with tons of new Jesus Metal!

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